Verónica Garzón

Dancer / Choreographer / Dance Educator

Works / Teaching / Living inside the instrument

My overall aim of this class is to stimulate a continuous whole body awareness of movement which results in a specific presence and quality, inspired by some of the core principles from Cunningham Technique. This specific quality refers to a vital and lively dancing, as an unlimited potential for temporal-spatial design, which prevent the body from static images and beliefs about the dance movement and its limits. I will use a contemporary approach, while focusing on aspects such as: Center of Energy, Isolation, and Rhythm and Coordination of the limbs in the space. We will apply these through different combinations, making use of silence, sound, and music - by means of continuously repeating them or just doing them once. The experience of subsidiary challenging concepts of the technique as problem-solving, sense of phrasing, and mental strength, will be reflected on and evaluated during the class. We won’t look for the perfect body shape and tone, but for the performing ever-present body, manifesting an “Intelligent body” that represents Clarity and Efficiency.

This practical class is inspired by the theoretical and practical talk "LIVING INSIDE THE INSTRUMENT Tracing Oriental Thought through the Relation between Music and Dance (In the concrete example of John Cage and Merce Cunningham)", already held at the Dance and Philosohpy International Congress Universidad Complutense de Madrid